The Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) is established under section 129 of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi (the Constitution).
  Section 129 of the Constitution vests on MHRC the broad mandate of the promotion, protection and investigation of violations, of human rights. MHRC is further regulated by the Human Rights Commission Act (Cap 3:08 of the Laws of Malawi) in terms of its functions, responsibilities, modes of operation and finance and administrative provisions, among other things.
Duties and Functions
MHRC is competent to investigate violations of human rights on its own motion or upon complaints received from any person, class of person or body. (Section 12 of HRC Act). The duties, functions and responsibilities of MHRC are outlined in sections 13 and 14 of HRC Act. They include: human rights awareness raising; provision of human rights education; promotion of human rights of vulnerable categories; human rights advocacy, research and monitoring, promotion of ratification of international human rights instruments, contributing to state party reporting processes, and submitting advisory opinions to the president, parliament or any other competent authority on any matters concerning the promotion and protection of human rights.
Linkages to Other Institutions
The Malawi Human Rights Commission has linkages to human rights and governance institutions, non governmental organisation,civil society organisations and United Nations agencies at local, regional and International level.