The Osprey Aether Versus The Xenith

Aether vs Xenith

Review Osprey backpaskOsprey has a wide range of backpacks that you can buy. The Aether and Xenith backpacks are two of the more significant sized hiking and camping backpacks in their field. If you are unsure about which pack to get, you need to compare the Aether and the Xenith to determine which is ideal for your use.

The Size And Appearance

The review of  the Aether 60, 70 and 85  and Xenith backpacks are the larger backpacks in the range and used for hiking and camping. The Aether comes in several different colors from a midnight blue to a bright blue. The bag will also come in a range of different sizes including a 70 liter.

The Xenith backpack also comes in three different sizes such as the 75 liters. There are only two colors that the Xenith comes in and they are bright Mediterranean blue and black. The Aether backpack is considered better for people who want more options regarding size.

Capacity Of The Backpacks

Both of these backpacks have been created with the idea of carrying a lot of gear because they are for long-term hike and camping. It is important to consider how much space you are going to be getting for your money. The amount of space you get will vary depending on the size of the backpack that you buy.

The Xenith has a slightly larger size than the Aether. The Xenith also has aOsprey backpacking review compartment for a sleeping bag, a hydration sleeve, dual tool loops and a compression strap that will help you keep everything in place. There are also straps for your sleeping pads, mesh on the front and side pockets and side compression straps. You will also find a compartment for your poles and three additional compartments for any other gear that you might have.

The Aether is smaller than the Xenith, but still offers you a considerable amount of space. The backpack has different compartments and includes a J-zipper panel on the front for storage. There are also zipped hip belt pockets, stretch side pockets and trekking pole attachments. There are even sleeping pad straps, a reservoir sleeve for water and side gear straps. The main compartment of the backpack also has a compression system inside it to help you organize your gear and have more room.

The Performance Of The Backpack

Osprey has a long history of excellent performance for their backpacks, and both of these packs are considered among the best for mountaineering and hiking. However, customers have rated the Aether higher when compared to the Xenith even with the smaller size. Some of the praise for this backpack comes from the fact that it is highly adjustable and very durable. The Aether is also found to very comfortable particularly on the long hikes that it has been created for.

This does not mean that the Xenith is not as comfortable or offers weaker performance. The Xenith is also found to be very comfortable for the long hikes that they have been designed for. The backpack is also highly adjustable, and the larger size means that you never have to worry about not being prepared.

The Durability Of The Backpack

The last thing that you want when hiking is to be a few hours into the hike when a strap on your backpack breaks. This is why you need to look at the durability of the backpack that you choose. Fortunately, both of these bags are very durable and have long-lasting properties.

Convenient Features

Both of these backpacks have extra features that ensure that you are comfortable and secure when you use them. The Aether has a hip belt that offers you additional support, but it can be removed if you do not feel comfortable with these straps. There is also an aluminum stay which ensures that your gear does not poke you in the back while you hike. The top lid of the backpacks can also be removed and converted into a lumbar pack.

The Xenith also has certain features which make it more comfortable and more convenient to use. This includes a suspension system and a heat-molded harness. The hydration bag with this backpack is external, so you never have to worry about struggling to refill it. The pack also has a loop for an ax and two zippered hip belt pockets.