• New Chairperson of the CommissionCommissioner Mr Justine Kusamba Dzonzi elected as the new Chairperson of the Commission.
  • 6th Cohort of CommissionersNewly Appointed members of the 6th Cohort of Commissioners have been sworn-in.
  • Abolition of Death Penalty DiscussionLaw Experts and other Stakeholders Hold Moratorium on death penalty.
  • 2015 International Human Rights DayThe theme for 2015 International Human Rights Day.
New Chairperson of the Commission1 6th Cohort of Commissioners2 Abolition of Death Penalty Discussion3 2015 International Human Rights Day4
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Commissioner Mr Justine Kusamba Dzonzi, Elected as Chairperson.
The Malawi Human Rights Commission is issuing notice on the election of Commissioner Mr Justine Kusamba Dzonzi as the Chairperson of the Commission at the first regular meeting of the Commissioners, pursuant to Section 6(1) of the Human Rights Commission Act (Chapter 3:08 of the laws of Malawi). Read full Press Statement
President Peter Muntharika Appoints 6th Cohort of MHRC Commissioners.
The Malawi Human Rights Commission has now been relieved in Policy and Strategic Direction following the Swearing-In of the recently appointed Commissioners by the President of the Republic of Malawi, Prof. Peter Muntharika. The Swearing-in ceremony was held on 12th November, at the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Headquarters and was precided over by the Minister of Justice and Consitutional Affairs, Hon. Samuel Tembenu..Read more..
Expert Meeting on Moratorium on the Death Penalty conducted.
Malawi Human Rights Commission in conjunction with United Nations in Malawi on 12th November, 2015 organized an expert meeting on Death Penalty in Malawi. The meeting was held at Capital Hotel, Lilongwe and was officially launched by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Samuel Tembenu. The meeting attracted both local and international experts in Law and other stakeholders concerned..Read more..
MHRC, Launches Public Inquiry Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.
Malawi Human Rights Commission has lauched a Report on Public Inquiries focusing on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights which were conducted in selected disticts in Malawi. The launch was held at Sun Bird Capital Hotel on 26th October. Several concerned stakeholders including Parliamentary Commitee on health attended the launch of the report. The activity has been implemented with financial support from the UNFPA..Read more..

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